Males don’t want to get married housewives any more. Most People in america voted for operating wives for the duration of the survey, conducted from 2/14/14 to 8/15/14 by Meetville (matchmaking app to discover the correct individual).

137,533 players of poll replied a question «Do you support the thought of operating girlfriend?» in addition to replies had been: «Yes» – 74percent, «No» – 26percent.

In accordance with Ayesha Pervez, a reporter, there aren’t any concerns within the advantages of working. Whether it’s simple employment, a small business or the full fledged career – operating empowers a female confidently, independence and security. It is a great feeling for a lady to be able to utilise her training and skills, advantage culture and perhaps actually contribute to the woman family.

Interesting that among those exactly who replied “indeed”, we come across 60per cent – Male votes, 40percent – Female; with “No” we have 30per cent – Male, 70per cent – Female.

Alex Cusper, Meetville service analyst, opinions in the results: «Women have now been fighting with regards to their equivalence to males for centuries. Finally, men accepted this notion and they are prepared to tell their own wifes every thing, such as economic debts. But The Majority ladies however would like to count on their particular husbands earnings, basically generally higher».

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